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Why Only Jio ?

The entry of jio telecom company in the internet market change the thinking of the all users. With free 4g jio data for almost 4-5 months. And With real internet speed had seen by all of us. But because of the free internet ,  the users of jio is increasing day by day. Because of more users the internet speed is decreasing, That’s why everyone is searching for” how to increase jio speed.”


Increase jio speed
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So because of more users, the availability of the server internet is become slow and almost all faced the same slow internet problem in jio.  So everyone wants to increase jio speed. Here we have just few tricks which can be help for achieving the internet speed which you want.


How to Increase Jio Speed ? – Lootershub

So if you are facing the slow internet problem then trust me you are not alone. Lots of people faced the same problem. And It’s like we paid the price for 4g but we got speed like 2g why?. Then let’s increase jio speed.

Because of Good network range and reliable internet without any destruction and cheap internet service, we always prefer jio over another telecom company. But we have lessons which we got from elder’s is that ” Cheap is not always a good “. But anyway we have to solve our problem ans let’s see “how to increase jio speed.”

So firstly you need to know what is mean by APN. ( Which actually indicates your network capibility. )

1. Increase Jio speed By APN

What Do you mean by APN ? 

Apn is nothing but a Access Point Name.

 A mobile device making a data connection must be configured with an APN to present to the carrier. The carrier will then examine this identifier to determine what type of network connection should be created, for example: which IP address should be assigned to the wireless device, which security methods should be used, and how or if, it should be connected to some private customer network.  – wikipedia


Note :- If some Apn doesn’t work for you. Please try another which is Given below


1. APN – 5gBeta ( Increase Jio speed 5g beta)

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  • Name-  5GBETA
  • APN- 5gbeta
  • Proxy- No changes
  • Port- No changes
  • Username- 5gtesting2020
  • Password- No changes
  • Server-
  • MMSC- No changes
  • MMS proxy- No changes
  • MMS port- No changes
  • MCC- no changes
  • MNC- no changes
  • Authentication type-  PAP or CHAP
  • Apn Protocol – Ipv4/Ipv6
  • Apn Roaming Protocol – Ipv4/Ipv6
  • Bearer – try to select all except Ixrtt ( if not then Choose LTE )

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2. APN – JIONET ( Jio ) 

  • Name-  Jio
  • APN- jionet
  • Proxy- No changes
  • Port- No changes
  • Username- no changes
  • Password- No changes
  • Server-
  • MMSC- No changes
  • MMS proxy- No changes
  • MMS port- No changes
  • MCC- no changes
  • MNC- no changes
  • Authentication type-  PAP or CHAP
  • Apn Protocol – Ipv4/Ipv6
  • Apn Roaming Protocol – Ipv4/Ipv6
  • Bearer – try to select all except Ixrtt ( if not then Choose LTE )

How to increase jio speed

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2.  Locking The 4g network to Band 40 

What Do you Mean by 4G band?

4g band is nothing but a type of network connection your telecom company provides. I am not going in depth but just remember that the band is kind a frequency at which the service provider offer’s a connection. And The frequency connection is changes with changing the place and it helps to increase jio speed

So There is 3 types of band which Indian telecom service provides.

1. Airtel provides 4g on band 40 ( 2300 MHz )

2. Idea & Vodafone provides 4g on band 5 ( 850 MHz )

3. Jio provides the 4g on different bands depending on the connection and device – band 3 and band 5 and band 40

What is difference between them ?

So for Best network range –  band 5 > band 3 > band 40

For Best jio internet speed – band 40 > band 5 > band 3

The best part about this band is that you can change your band setting from your mobile. For mediatek users it’s easy to change the band from MTK engineering app but for Qualcomm users it’s difficult to access service mode and It’s available only for few mobiles which is – Samsung , HTC , sony & LG.

How to Check Your 4g Band ?.

For checking your 4g band you have to follow some steps which is given below. And you have to,

First download the Net Velocity app from play store.

How to increase jio speed

  • Open the app
  • Give them all the user access.
  • so now click on ‘+’ which are floating down on the screen.
  • Then click on ‘RF information ‘.
  • Now look at frequency option.
  • Now note it down : 2300 ( band 40 ) , 1800 ( band 3 ) , 850 ( band 5 )
  • You can change it from given steps


Note – Try this on Your Own Risk. 


Steps to change bands for Qualcomm Users.

For the qualcomm users its difficult to change the band ,

  • Download the shortcut master from playstore.
  • Go to service menu option ( you can search above )
  • If service menu is not there then search for Engineeringmode ( Don’t give a space )
  • And then choose ‘ system apps ‘
  • You can see the option to change the Lte Bands. 
  • And then Change the band’s to band 40

Steps To change Band for MediaTek Users.

  • Download the MTK Engineering Mode from playstore
  • Open the app and select MTK settings
  • select the band mode 
  • Then chose jio sim slot option.
  • Select LTE Mode
  • Select band 40
  • Save setting and reboot your mobile once.

3. Clear the Cache of All the Apps.

Clearing cache is may be the best part for you to increase jio speed. But why to clear cache? The answer is simple – every application and games always try to update their apps in the background, because of this our system uses the more internet in the background. And because of that we always faced internet speed problem.

For example – Pubg

Pubg is always try to update or add something new to the game. After sometime or some week , we had seen that their is lots of short videos pubg shows us. And that videos download from background internet.

Steps to clear all apps cache – 

  • Go to Setting
  • Go for storage
  • Then click on application storage
  • Then click on ‘Clear cache for all

Then check the jio internet speed.

Bonus tips-  Increase Torrent Download speed By Jio

To increase jio speed for torrent, we have to use IDM with Zbigz service with them. Zbigz will try to give u the best speed as possible.

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