How to Get Free Youtube premium | Valid Upto 6 months | 100% verified working | Aug 2020




Everyone is known about YouTube premium and their features, because everyone is frustrated about YouTube ads on every videos after 5 minutes of watching. But there are too many benifits of  having YouTube premium on your account, like running videos on background , keeping musics mode on.

YouTube ads are the most annoying thing in the whole YouTube community. That’s why the price of YouTube premium is much higher than 11$. But wait before you go and buy the youtube premium for yourself, I have to tell you there is had an another way which you can get youtube premium for free just follow the steps.

Stpes To Block Annoying Ads –

Till now there are only two Tricks available on the whole world to Get free YouTube premium. And trust me That’s not the really tough task to do. Here we are

1. YouTube 1 Month Free Trial Offer – 

First time when you visit YouTube premium option at Youtube, you will be directly pop up at 1 month free trial option. Where YouTube offer’s that you will be receive free one month trial if you register for it first time. But there are some Terms and conditions should need to be followed.

  • Go to youtube application
  • Now Go to your profile section
  • Then You can see ‘ Get YouTube Premium’ option and click on it.
  • After that click on ‘ 1 Month Free ‘ box
  • Here you have to Verify Your payment option with credit & Debit card.
  • Note – I have Written well And Neat blog about How to Get Free VCC to Verify YouTube Premium & More services like this.


Terms And Condition – 

  • Redemption of this offer is only valid per user.
  • For redemption you have to verify Your payment information.
  • For payment verification there only debit card and credit card options are allowed.
  • Your card should be visa or MasterCard only.
  • The international transactions should be enabled on your card.


2. Youtube 1 Month Free student Trial Offer – 

Well if you are a student and you don’t own any kinda banks credit card and debit card with you. And You really wish to have Free YouTube premium on your mobile. Then this is the best opportunity YouTube provides. Don’t worry you don’t need to have any collage related email id or something like that. Just you need to borrow your collage Id with you.

Here the steps:- 

  • Open the YouTube.
  • Visit the ” Get YouTube Premium ” option
  • Under this section click on ” Family or Student Plan
  • The benifit of having student plan is you just have to paid 1$ per month for keeping YouTube premium.
  • You will be Directed to SheerId to verify your student status.
  • Here You to fill your details like name , email id  ( non verification )
  • After this you have to upload front and back side of your collage Id and submit it.
  • Wait for atleast 5-6 days to verification. And then enjoy the one month free trial without any card


Terms and Conditions

  • Only valid and running collage Id acceptable.
  • Same collage Id cannot be useful for others

Free youtube premium

3. Flipkart 6 Month Free Trial Offer :

Everyone is aware about flipkart plus membership and plus membership reward’s, If you don’t know what actually the plus membership is and how to get it for free for lifetime then go visit ” how to get free flipkart plus membership ” plus membership have various type of their own benefits and rewards you have to get. So here the steps as we go,

Free youtube premium

Steps to Get Free 6 month Premium Trial.

  • Go to flipkart
  • Open the Supercoins options
  • Here you have minimum 75 supercoins to achieve that deal.
  • If you don’t know how to earn free supercoins then visit ‘ How to Earn free supercoins
  • Under supercoins section click on RewarD’s.
  • You can choose beetween 3 months free trial or 6 months free trial ( 75 supercoins or 150 supercoins )
  • Select the product and claim the reward.
  • You will receive an url, copy that and paste it on your browser
  • Verify any payment information ( you can select upi as well )
  • You will be charged 1 rs for verification
  • Enough and Enjoy the Premium.


Terms And Condition- 

  • Get 6 Months of ad-free YouTube and YouTube Music Premium trial
  • Offer is Not Applicable for users having YouTube Premium, YouTube Music Premium, or Google Play Music subscriptions currently or in the past 36months
  • Check your subscription details for YouTube Premium at _memberships
  • This offer cannot be clubbed with any other ongoing offer discount/cash back/promotion
  • Redeem the offer within 15 days of claim


  • Please Note: To use the offer on YouTube, customers need to mandatorily update credit / debit card details R
  • Debit/Credit cards that have recurring payment options allowed for the offer
  • All credit cards on Mastercard and Visa network issued by any bank in India are Accepted.
  • Debit cards on Mastercard and Visa network issued by ICICI Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Citibank and Canara Bank are accepted.






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