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Free Paytm cash offer is becoming popular among india. When india becomes cashless. Well we can redeem paytm cash to any merchant. Paytm always give a chance to redeem your paytm cash into variety of recharges as well bill payments. Sometimes Paytm charges a small fee to send our Paytm cash to any bank account. The small fees is around 3-5% depend on Paytm. As well Paytm is more popular than any other wallet in india. It is secure , it is more reliable , it is more profitable than others.


Paytm Earning tricks is as Follows:-


1. Survey’s


Free paytm cash survey


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When it comes out to survey’s we always thinks that 100% it is fake and does’nt work. But I can prove your decision wrong, Not every survey you thinks is fake or wasting your time. Well I also believe that there is actually some surveys waste our time without giving any thing to us.

There are some surveys that actually works.

Complete the survey’s and Earn Paytm cash


1. The panel station offer:-

Free paytm cash
Image source – Google | image by thepannelstation



This is 100% trusty and most popular company survey website to earn free paytm cash in india. There is most active users from india with more than lakhs of users. But somehow it’s little bit difficult than others because any how survey’s always takes the time. And always gives little ammount than your affort you put in that perticular time.


  1. Geniune site
  2. Survey’s are more


  1.  Time taken
  2. Less profitable.

Steps to follow:-

  1. First you need to visit the panel station website with following link – The-PannelStation
  2. Create new account on website [ Note – Always choose female gender ]
  3. Try to choose some survey popular city like [ Ajmir , Agra , Jammu , Kashmir , Varanasi , allahabad ] [ Note – Don’t use pupular city like Mumbai , Delhi , Pune ]
  4. Then next step to fill postal code of that city [ check on Google ] 
  5. Next complete the profile registration , then verify Email id & Mobile No.
  6. After verification you will receive username & password for login details.
  7. Now login to your panel account after that wait for some time. Then you will get one survey.
  8. Every survey can give you 200 points. If you collect 3000 points then you will receive 300rs
  9. You can redeem tha  Money Into bank account or Paytm wallet as well.
  10. Every survey came after 4-5 days.
  11. You can get 3-4 survey every week.
  12. And Earn Free paytm cash


2. Yougov panel 

Free paytm cash
Image source – Google | image by YouGov


Yougovpanel is actually a nice for the more payment with little bit tough survey’s. You can easy get with daily survey. Well their is best think about it is their is no qualifications. The main point is each survey’s gives 50-150 points , redeem option is paytm wallet too. Each survey takes around 5 -15 min to complete. Well the redemption limit is 5000 points which give 3500 paytm cash.

Advantages :- 

  1. Profit is high among other survey sites.
  2. Geniune website.


  1. Redeem request takes 14 days .
  2. Reaching least limit may take time.

Steps :- 

  1. First of all Open Yougov survey’s website from here
  2. Create new account with female gender and keep you age above 18.
  3. Setup your city with some popular survey city already given.
  4. Verify your Email id & Mobile number.
  5. Login with your credentials.
  6. Complete the survey and get 50-150 points 
  7. Redeem your points in Reward pannel to Paytm wallet.
  8. If The survey’s Doesn’t came then you can follow our steps Tricks to Create any new accounts


3. Streetbees App

Image source – Google | image by Streetbees

If you tired of completing survey’s on website then you can use this app. Which also a genuine and profitable app without any problem of Distructions. Streetbees always try to gives 3-4 surveys on almost every weak of the month. The best part is about you can get 25-30 rs / survey’s


  1. It’s efficient and profitable.
  2. Instant money offers.
  3. 25rs/survey
  4. Paytm wallet and gift card avilable.


  1. Survey is less
  2. Survey’s depends on area to area

Steps to follow:- 

  1. Download the latest version of Streetbees app from play store – Here is link
  2. Open that app and click on create new account.
  3. Fill the login details.
  4. Add the paypal verfiy Account to redeem.
  5. Redeep the money direct to payal and then paytm.
  6. You can get  25rs/ survey  and each survey is nearer to 5-10 min.
  7. and Earn Free paytm cash


3. Citizenme app 

Free paytm cash
Image Source – Google | image by citizenme

Citizenme app is easy one among them. But the ammount you recieved is smaller than others. But the profitable thing is that you can complete one survey under a min. The ammount you received is 10-30rs / surveys. Links is here


  1.  The survey time is smaller than other
  2. Profitable and more reliable


  1. The ammount is smaller than others.
  2. Survey is lesser

Steps to Follow:- 

Same steps follow as above.



2. Free Paytm Cash Apps

Free Paytm cash is nothing but some popular apps. which gives money after completing some task from their apps. The task which followed is some 1. Ads watching  2.survey’s  3.apps downloads 4.complete apps tasks.

This kinda task you need to follow to earn some cash which is direct send to your bank accounts or Paytm. The transfer request is very faster than that survey’s. But it’s 100% geniune and more profitable than survey’s. The only problem is that the hardwork is more but smart work is small.

Paytm Earning trick is as Follows:- 



Free paytm cash
Image source Google | Image by Hago

This is Most popular earning app. entertainment with online games, as well some best refer and earn option to earn higher and higher. With signup you can get rs 20 instamtly with applied promo code. You can use refer and earn option to refer your friend and earn 20rs/invite person.

Options for Earning:-

  • Refer & Earn 
  • Play games & Earn

Just you want to sign up with your mobile nukber and need to add promo code as you are ready to go. Enjoy speed redeem request without any problem. Hago gives option to redeem your money into paytm wallet instantly.

Steps To Earn:- 

  • Download the Hago app from Here
  • Login/Register with your mobile number
  • Click on Hago invatation box 
  • Enter hago invatation code to earn 20rs instantly
  • Do some task to earn
  • Withdraw the money to Paytm wallet



2.Taskbucks app

Image Source Google | image by Taskbucks

Taskbucks app is mostly usefull for those who have strong internet connection or wifi. Because in taskbucks app we need to download apps and follow the task to complete the offer and earn some cash. As well you can earn some minor money with reading newspaper , sharing articals , some context.

Options to Earn:- 

  • App Downloading
  • Watching Advertising
  • Cricket Quiz , Maths quiz , Science Quiz
  • Instant Games 
  • Some task on Websites
  • Refer & Earn ( 20rs/invite )

Honestly the amount you get after completing offer is only near to 5rs.

So depend on you if you have strong and more data of internet then go on is awesome app to follow. You can earn almost 80-90rs per day.

Taskbusk is actually good app but sometimes the offers or task is not loaded properly.

Steps to earn:-

  • Firstly download the taskbucks app from Here
  • Register/Login with you mobile number.
  • You can apply promo code to earn some premoney.
  • After login you see lots of offer which you can earn money.
  • Redeem your money into the Paytm wallet. Minimum redemption is 50rs. 



3. Mpl Gaming App

Free paytm cash
Image Source Google | image by MPL

Mpl is just most popular app towards the gaming earning app. If you are game lover then may be this is the best app to earn money by just playing the game. Where you just need to play game and make a recoed which need to be higher than others. And boom you won the money. It’s like a betting game where you can use your money to play highest paying games.

On joining you get 10rs cash which not be withdrawble. You need to I vest that money to earn more and them you can able to redeem that in your Paytm account. The minimum redeemption is near to 200rs. But honestly it’s not tough as you see you will get enjoyed by it.

Options for Earning:-

  • Play games Make record higher than others & Earn.
  • Refer & Earn ( 50rs/invite Non redeemable )
  • Betting on Sports & Earn 
  • Do Some task

Steps for Earning:- 

  • same as above just register/login with your mobile number.
  • Join your Paytm account with new number
  • You will get joining bonus ( 20rs ) use them for playing games & make higher records to earn more.
  • After league will receive your amount in balance
  • Directly redeem it to your paytm account



4. Rojdhan app

Rojdhan app is actully famous because the app is running from 4-5 years. So it’s trustfully and the best free Paytm cash app on the playstore. The earning points is converted into money after 12am. Then you can easily transfer your converted money into the Paytm and bank account. So the redeem amount is near to 200rs per time.

options For Earning:- 

  • signup bonus 50rs
  • Some task for earning Points
  • Invite and Earn
  • Play Popular games and Earn
  • Read News and Share for earning

Invite your friend and earn 6 rs. You can get signup bonus around 50rs. And the redeemable amount is around 200rs.

Steps For Earning:- 

  • Same as follows register/Login with your mobile number
  • then earn money and redeem to your Paytm account. 


5. Databack app

Free paytm cash
Image Source – Google | Image by Databack

So the data buddy is the easiest way to earn free Paytm cash in least time. But databuddy isn’t give you Paytm cash directly, but you can get data which can be converted into huge paytm cash. You just need to signup with my promo code and you will get 10rs signup bonus which can be used for recharge offers.

Options for Earning:-

  • Use apps and spend more data and Earn cash
  • Refer & Earn system
  • Downloading app
  • Data convertion
  • Contest of more data
  • Win some data for paytm cash

Databack is really awesome if you spend lots of data on some social network and anywhere. Because the high you spend , high money you get in the form of free Paytm cash.

Steps to Follow:- 

  • Just follow the same steps as above Login/Register with your mobile number.
  • Then use any app which avilable on their list
  • Spend more data on their website , as equal you Earn that much of data
  • If you spend 1 gb data on that app then you will get some around 5-20rs/gb. ( Iam Not Sure ).


Here the Some List of Earning apps:- 

Here the free Paytm cash earning apps as follows. But I am not sure where they still given payment to their users on not. I am not confirm yet. But you can check the comment box of that app on the play store. Thank you.

Here the table of some free Paytm cash apps:- 


AppsRedemption & refer & earnOptions to earn
Frizza - Daily rewards New offers & gamesMin redemption - 30rs
Refer & Earn - 5rs
Option to earn:-
1. Installing apps
2. Watch ads
3.refer & Earn
4. Tasks
Paytm First GamesMin redemption - 0
Refer & Earn - 10rs
Option to earn:-
1. Play Games and Earn
2.refer & Earn
Pocket moneySignup bonus - 0
Min redemption - 20rs
Refer & Earn - 20rs
Option to earn:-
1. Installing apps
2. Watch ads
3.refer & Earn
4. Tasks
Big cash appsMin redemption - 30rs
Refer & Earn - 5rs
Option to earn:-
1. Play games & Earn
2.refer & Earn
Cash bossMin redemption - 30rs
Refer & Earn - 25rs
Option to earn:-
1. Installing apps
2. Watch ads
3.refer & Earn
4. Tasks


Refer & Earning Apps:- 

Refer your friends and earn free Paytm cash. refer & Earning apps is also a good idea to earn more money without doing any struggle. If your inviter Register using new mobile number you will get paid for that. It’s easy as it looks like. Just you have more followers or friends. You can get around 5-50rs cash depend on that apps.

List of Refer & Earn apps:- 


Refer and earn appsPrice
4funRs 7
SharechatRs 15
LopscoopRs 19
ZuppeRs 15
HagoRs 20



Play Games & Earn:-

Playing games and earn free paytm cash is newer way to get some bucks of money with entertainment. If you are game lover and loves to play games then it’s the best choice for you to earn money.

Note:- There is only few games and you need to be champion in that games

Playing games is not bad but getting good rank for money is still a difficult for most of us. But be good at any games is really difficult.

Here is some list which you might loves that while earning.

Name of Gaming appsMin. Redemptions and
Refer and earn
Downloads & Popularity
Paytm First GamesMin. Redemption - 0
R & e - 25rs
Rating on playstore - 4.3
Winzo GoldMin. Redemption - 30
R & e - 5rs
Rating on playstore - 3.9
HagoMin. Redemption - 20
R & e - 50rs
Rating on playstore - 3.8
PPLMin. Redemption - 0
R & e - 10rs
Downloads -
Rating on playstore -
Stick Pool ClubMin. Redemption - 10
R & e - 15rs
Downloads -
Rating on playstore - 3.5
Game GullyMin. Redemption - 5
R & e - 5rs
Downloads -
Rating on playstore - 3.2
Big cashMin. Redemption - 20
R & e - 11rs
Downloads -
Rating on playstore - 3.6
Baazi NowMin. Redemption - 0
R & e - 10rs
Downloads -
Rating on playstore - 3.6
Zuppe GoldMin. Redemption - 20
R & e - 5rs
Rating on playstote - not available on play store ( download from google )




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