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So all we know what is a flipkart supercoins . and what is use of that supercoins with rewards and offers by flipkart. If you are still not known about what is flipkart supercoins and what is flipkart plus membership is, then go and read my another blog about flipkart plus membership. And How You can easily get plus membership with student id card. The  steps are given in my blog.

What is Benifit of having Flipkart supercoins? 

Flipkart are tied up with every popular sites and become partner with them. So Supercoins have lots of their own benifits like Subscription , Deals on recharges , offers on medical’s , upto 80% off on online shopping and much more you can get with flipkart supercoins.

Flipkart plus membership

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Even With flipkart Supercoins You can get Flipkart Plus membership for Free 

What is Benifit of Flipkart Plus Membership? 

  • 🚚 Free and Fast Shipping
  • ⏲️ Early Access to Sale
  • 👨‍💻 Priority Coustomer service
  • 💰 2× more Super Coins
  •  💸 Buy product at ₹1 only
  •  🛒 Claim Exclusive Rewards like altbalazi or more.

So their lots of offers where we can get from Flipkart supercoins with flipkart plus membership. 

So here I am presenting that trick to get super coins every day. might some of you already know this trick but be focus and don’t leave this page or you will never gonna know that trick.

Trick To Earn flipkart Supercoins Every day

Earning super coins is not that difficult which it looks like but we are limited to some earning. Where I personally earn only 10 supercoins per day. With this trick and sometimes it’s quite increase but still we have limited earning resources.

1. Flipkart Fake or Not Fake Challenge –

Flipkart supercoins

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Flipkart fake and not fake challenge are kinda kbc type series where they asked you a question and you have to tell them whether it’s fake or not fake. The answer time is only for 10 seconds. And you need to prepare for it. At Every Episode they asked you 5 easy type questions and you have to answer them to earn supercoins. The episode is long as 10 minute each.

5 out of 5 Answers are right then you Earn 5 supercooins

below of 5 answer are right then Earn 3 supercoins.

So here is The Trick – 

From today in this blog you will see the all the answer’s of this season everyday at 12′ o clock, you just have to Search ‘ fake or not fake flipkart date – month lootershub ‘ then you will get that page on daily basis. And just read that answers and memories them. And put it on your episodes screen. It’s that easy

Fake or not Fake

2. Flipkart Super Fan Challenge – 

Flipkart supercoins

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So actually this challenge is also same as fake or not fake challenge, where in the super fan season’s at every day ( expect holiday’s ) you will see the new actress gonna take that session. And you have to give the answers for all the question she/he asked. And that question’s are rely depend on the that actress or actor.

So if you give 10 out of 10 answer then you will receive 5 supercoins.

So here the trick – 

Same as the above I am also writing this answer in my blog from today. Just check it out.

Super Big Fan 

3. Share That episode and earn

If you share this episodes to someone and they played this games then you will earn some commission from them. But this refer and earn have some terms and conditions

  • the answer’s of your refrrer should be correct
  • they have to play from the same id
  • You can’t play multiple time from same Id.
  • No any limit on sharing


4. Get Flipkart plus Membership for free

Flipkart plus membership can be helpful for you. As they offer too many deals to get. Like getting double supercoins than normal users. Fast and free delivery. Best and reliable service. I have written well blog about to get flipkart plus membership for free by student check it out.


5. Order Someone’s Product through Your I’d.

You can order someone’s product through your id. But if you have plus membership then the amount of supercoins will be get double. And because of membership they will get free and fast service as well as reliable support. And it’s helpful for them as well. So just find out who want to buy the product online and tell them I have good account to buy and let me buy for you.


That’s it I have covered all the 5 tricks to get super coins for free and and I already covered how to get free flipkart plus membership through this blog. Please visit. Even you can use this super coins to get first position in flipkart upcoming sale.



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