Flipkart Plus Membership | Free for all Student | Free Membership for 1 Year


So Flipkart comes with new student plus membership offer where you can get free plus membership for as long 1 year per student. And You just have to follow the steps to active your plus membership. Flipkart plus gives the greatest deal where you can get free and fasf delivery for under 500 ruppe as well , and some cool supercoins rewards.

What is Flipkart plus Membership 

So if you are in plus zone then you are the really special coustmers for the flipkart, where you will get some special offer for over one year. And within it you can get lots of offers and rewards to redeem through the plus membership.

So here I have list what flipkart plus zone provides.

  • 🚚 Free Fast Shipping
  • ⏲️ Early Access to Sales
  • 👨‍💻 Priority coustmer service
  • 💰 2×  Super Coins
  •  💸 Buy product at ₹1 
  •  🛒 Claim Exclusive Rewards like altbalazi or more.

Flipkart plus membership

This photo is taken from flipkart.com

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I earn SuperCoins?

A: For every 100 spent on a Flipkart order, Plus members earn 4 SuperCoins, and Non Plus members earn 2 coins. But Plus Members earn a maximum of 100 SuperCoins per order and Non Plus Members earn a maximum of 50 SuperCoins per order. And SuperCoins will be credited to your account after the return period is over for all the items in the order.

Q. How do I get a Flipkart Plus Membership?

A: So If you earn 200 SuperCoins in the last 12 months, Then you can join the FK Plus membership by clicking on the ‘Join Now’ button on this page. And No coins will be taken for Plus Membership.

Q. Do SuperCoins expire?

A: SuperCoins will expire after 1 year at the end of the month in which they were credited. Hence, all SuperCoins credited in a month will expire at the end of the month next year. Example: If 10 SuperCoins got credited on October.


How to Get Free Flipkart Plus Membership

So Free flipkart plus membership it’s an easy task just you have an valid student ID or you need to have minimum 200 supercoins in your flipkart account to get free plus membership, I have written in my blog about how to earn free supercoins – 10/day , if you don’t have valid student ID then create a fake one or wait at least 20 days to get 200 supercoins.

Flipkart plus membership

This photo is taken from flipkart.com

Stpes To get Flipkart student offer –

Flipkarts student friendly

Just you have a valid student ID card with you to take photo and need to upload that on your flipkart account

  • Go to Your Flipkart application
  • Login or register with it
  • Swipe to right to see the menu option
  • On the op you will se ‘Flipkart Plus Membership’ Click on it
  • Then you will see the flipkart plus student offer.
  • After that upload your collage Id.
  • After uploading wait for at least 5-6 days

After student uploading you don’t have to collact 200 coins for plus membership. And After approving your request you will directly converted to the plus membership for free.

Note – After Uploading The Right Documents , You Have to Wait Atleast 5-6 Days for Your account approval. After approval you will directly transfer to plus zone.

Terms For Flipkart student offer – 

  • The collage I’d should be valid and date of addmission
  • The Photo should be clear and Correct.
  • Your photo , Your collage name , Date of addmission should be visible.
  • You have to wait atleast 5-6 days to confirm.





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