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Everyone is Get excited to get their First Domain at just 0.99$ but after an year everyone realise that GoDaddy actually devloped an Spam technique to market their self. Because of saving lot of money on the domains we came under godaddy’s spam marketing strategy. Where we buyed the new domain name at just 0.99$ from GoDaddy for an year. Then after an year at renewal time we get to know that we have to pay around 27$ to renew our domain. Looks like it’s spam n? Actually it is.

So because of high price of GoDaddy renewal I have an exciting idea.

Don’t Renew it , Transfer it.

Domain renew

Jist simple as it is.

Note – Registrar Means – Domain owner Company like GoDaddy , namecheap , namesilo.

Registrant Means – Domain owner ex- Owner of is me ( Siddhesh )

Trick for Cheap Domain renewal from Godaddy

To escape from renewing the domain at huge price we have to transfer it to another registrar who offer us lesser price than GoDaddy. It’s an simple task

Steps To Transfer The Domain – 

  • Login to Your GoDaddy Account
  • Click on ” My product Section ” 
  • Choose Your domain which you have to transfer.
  • Then Click on Additional Settings.
  • Here at first you have to Unlock Your domain.
  • First check the domain is lock or not. For this please check the status of Domain Lock.
  • If Domain Lock : On then your domain is Locked
  • If Domain Lock : Off then Your domain if unlocked.
  • Click on Edit to make Changes.
  • After unlocking the domain please wait for ” Pending Update “
  • If not please check your mail for confirmation.
  • Then on the same page the select the option as “Transfer Domain Away From GoDaddy “
  • After this please look at the all points noted on the screen. Then click on ” Continue with Transfer ” 
  • Here you will received an code via Email which last long as 10 -15 digit authorization code.
  • Please don’t share this code to anyone , as it can leads to domain loss.
  • Copy that authorization code and visit any Registrar where you want to transfer.
  • Please select the transfer domain option on new registrar.
  • Choose the domain name on new registrar and paste the Authorization code in Authorization box.
  • And then click on continue and make a payment of transferring domain price which is near to 8-15$.
  • After the Payment please wait for atleast 5-7 buisness days for complete transfer.
  • You will be notified by email when transferring completed.


Note :- New Domain Renewal at New registrar is start from Expirey Date of That domain name.


Comparison of Domain Transfering price at different registrar.

Comparison of domain transfering price of diffrent registrar is much important for achieving lowest possible price for your domain. Here I have created an chart to see which registrar provides low fees on their transferring domain and which one provides coupon codes for their transferring to get more discounts on it and which important features ( like domain privacy , SSL , Dns Zones )  the registrar provides.

There are more than 10 registrar which is really best for you. The registrar which i mentioned on this table are best at some features and best at price , best at payment gateway , support and reliability.

Godaddy is best at support and reliability & coupons availability & new registration

Porkbun is best at price & support with free features.

Namesilo is best at price & payment gateway & coupon availability for new registration

Namecheap is best at features & payment gateway

Big Rock is best at support and coupon availability

Alibaba cloud is best at price and payment gateway

Cloudflare is best at 0% persnal fees.


RegistrarNew registerRenewTransferFeaturesPayment gateway
After promocode 0.99$
18.17$ 8.17$
Use promo
DNS management
Coupon code avilable
Bank transfer
Upi or wallets
Debit & credit card
Paypal & Skrill
Porkbun4.15$8.56$8.56$Free SSL
Email forwarding
Whois privacy
Namesilo 7.99$
After promocode 4.99$
Email forwarding
Coupon code avilable
Upi or wallets
Paypal or Skrill
After promocode 5$
13.16$8.66$Privacy protection
Email forwarding
Upi or wallets
Paypal or skrill
Dynadot8.99$8.99$8.99$Email forwarding
Privacy protection
Paypal, skrill
Big rock12.15$
After promocode 5.3$
Use promo
Email account
Upi or wallet
Directnic 15.18$
After promocode 1.99$
Paypal or skrill
Alibaba cloud7.99$
After promocode 6.99$
Privacy protection


Herr is the list where you can decide, which registrat you gives more discounts and offers with reliable service. Then parked your domain on them. And congrats here you saved more than 10$ on your renewals. From 27$ To 7 -10$.

Note :- Please check the actual live price before transferring your domain.

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