How to Create AWS Hosting for wordpress | 100% Free for One Year | 0% charges upto 1 year


What do You mean by AWS or Cloudstorage:-

Well cloudstorage it’s sounds like storage in cloud huh?,  But the actual defination far different from cloud word.

Cloud storage is a model of computer data storage in which the digital data is stored in logical pools, said to be on “the cloud”.

In the simple word cloud storage is actually a demand on delivery based product. Where you only pay for what you want. Means if you just want an 50 gb SSD then you just have to pay the price of that storage only. You don’t have to get or buy that extra product which tied with them.


If you are new to aws then let me tell you For every new Customer AWS gives one year free trial at certain products with their limitations. But for small scale usage like small business or startup this is the great option for you. In this free trial limitation you can able to acess ec2 , S3 buckets , 30gb ssd , cloudfront ,  custom certificate , projects like deep learning or machine learning , iot ( internet of things) , wordpress , DynamoDb , RDS , Snagmaker , and much more options you have.

But the limitation are huge and are follows.

  • 750 Hours EC2 ( with Only 1gb ram 1gb core )
  • Only 5 gb s3 bucket
  • Only 30gb SSD free storage
  • Limited to cloudfront
  • Not ssl for outside domains.

How To Get AWS free trial Account.

Creating an aws account is not an difficult task. You can do it on your own with the help of some YouTube videos or google. But let me tell you to access free trial account you have to verify your bank card details.  After verification you will able to access various trial products for one year. Here you will get an free 1gb 1 core system which is enough for us. And on this server we are going to deploy our wordpress on it.

If you are beginner and want to start your online business and you have normal And average vistors per day on your site then this free trial is best for you. With my experience this free instances can handle upto 500-700 live time users without any problem. And if this quota rechead to 800 or 1000 liveusers then may be you can faced some problem here.

Note – Use Cloudfront To Increase this Quota.

But anyway if your starter or blogger then that’s the heaven for you❤️.

Additional :- You can Install Cpanel ( control panel ) on the server and use it with additional features like SQL database , PHPadmin panel and much more.

  • CPanel WordPress Hosting ( Free trial )
  • ZesleCP Wrodpress Hosting ( lifetime free )

Note :- This Cpanel’s Take your More storage as compared to Direct methods. Choice is your’s. ( Take upto 5-8Gb )

What is Direct Method To Install WordPress?

If You are are non-coder person then this the best for you. You don’t have to do any difficult stuffs like creating database or creating users or anything like that. Just select the free trial server install the WordPress documents on them and use it. As simple as it is. You access your files with filezilla or any third-party software.

Installing wordpress directly on your server is just a cup of cake.honestly it’s easy just you have to follow the steps.

At first Create the account – Fill your name address mobile number , real email id , password and at last you have to fill your bank card details.

Note – Every international , Domestic Credit card or debit card accepted ( Not rupay ). Even virtual card also accepted. 


Let’s start with Creating an AWS account

Creating AWS account is as simple as Facebook account just fill the details , verify card details , verify mobile number and boom you are verified. But your account will be verified by Amazon itself.

I am Skipping the part of Creating account. If you have any questions or any problem feel free to ask at comment box i am always here for you. please Create AWS Account on your own.


Stpes To Create AWS Free Hosting-

  • you have to create your AWS account first
  • Please create it on your own with the help of YouTube videos.
  • At verification process they asked you to pay inr 2 by visa or master card.
  • After verification please wait for atleast 6-8 Hours to get verification email.
  • Verification email be like ” Your Account Is Ready “

  • Here you have to Create Running AWS Server to host your static sites.
  • At first Please Select Your server Region. ( Note – please select where your most traffic came from ).
  • Click on Services
  • EC2 Dashboard
  • “Create an Instances”


  • After clicking on launch instances you will be redirected to an “Amazon machine image” section.
  • Here click on AWS marketplace and search wordpress on it.
  • Please select only 1st option ” wordpress by bitnami and automattic “.


Steps To Configure the Server.

Configuring the server is the main part where technical part comes in. Configuring is like just having a normal rmachine which only accessible by terminal and you have to install whole os with lot of application and everything manually.

That’s why Amazon Image section have important role to create an server

You just have to choose the os image which you want to install and that’s it just choose the storage and some custom security groups and download key pairs ( password ) and deploy the server.

I know it’s look like very difficult at first. but trust me with the help of images you can be a master. Here some steps need to be followed.

But first let me clear your doubt.

  • Storage – 30 gb are actually the limitation for AWS free trial of you exceed this then you have to pay for this. – ( 0.10$ GB/Month extra )
  • Security groups – A security group acts as a virtual firewall for your instance to control inbound and outbound traffic.
  • Key pairs – key pairs are the access key , you can access your server and modify with the help of this key. ( Please Don’t Loose it. )
  • Ip addresss – every server has their unique ip address which helps to identify their existance.
  • Elastic ip – difference between ip address and elastic ip is that ip address can be change at any time. But elastic ip are the sticky ip which attached your server forever. ( Until you paid )

1. Choose Free Server Configuration- 

  • At first you have to select your server configuration like server ram and cores.
  • Aws free tier only comes with 1gb and 1 core system. So please select only 1gb and 1 core system.
  • If you choose another then you have to pay for it.
  • You can see the “free tier avilable ” tag on that system.

2. Server details – 

Don’t change any option and select to continue

3. Storage Option – 

I already told you that aws free tier comes with only 30gb storage if you want extra then you can add it with more but Note :- If storage limit crossed then you have to pay 0.10$ GB/Month.

So just type their 30gb SSD storage and click on ” Revive & Launch ” 

3. Revive & Launch – 

Here don’t panic at all just check all the details of the server and please check hourly software fees and it should be zero please kept in your mind. Otherwise you have to pay for it.

Click on launch.

4. Choosing Key Pairs –

Already discussed about key pairs and why they actually used. So look at the image and do the steps.

  • Click on ” create a new key pair
  • Type a any name ( choose domain name )
  • Click on download it now.
  • And save it somewhere.
  • Note – Don’t loose it.

After downloading please click on Launch instances. And wait for some seconds.

So here we are successed. We just create and simple , free and best hosting server for our website. It’s just takes you 5 min to complete the total configuration. Now you can create unlimited server with same card details. And use it for any domain you have.

This server have 25gb of storage where you can upload photos videos or anything you want. You can attached your custom domain with it for free. Just copy the ip address and create A name record on your end management and complete the process. That’s it

Here I going to show you how you can access or login to your WordPress account.

How to Login To your server – 

First let me tell you, your WordPress files are hosted on AWS server and this server are have their own unique ip address associated with it. You just have that ip address to get access for your server.

Steps to get ip address :-

  • Click on services
  • Then click on ” EC2 “
  • Click on running instances
  • For username and password click on Action -> System setting -> Get system Log -> Scroll down to see username and password
  • For ip address look at bottom at description of instance and check it for ip.
  • Open a new tab and type ” https://(your ip here )”
  • For example
  • Boom your wordpress dashboard is here.
  • To login your WordPress please use wp-admin
  • For example
  • With username and password please login to your WordPress account.

Here we are you get acess to your WordPress files and got free AWS server which can handle more than 500 live time users without any problem. If you want to increase this qouta limit then please use cloud front distribution this also a same for all of us. Use it and increase the web speed which helps to rank more on Google.

Connect Server To Domain –

It’s easy just go to your domain registrar ( ex. GoDaddy namecheap , namesilo , , bigrock ) click on domain DNS management and here you have to create an A record which points to this server IP

A record -> Host should be @ -> points to server IP

Wait for 12 to 24 hours to connect your domain to ther server and boom you get free hosting provider which is more better than shared hosting’s.

If you want to access phpmyadmin section then visit wp-admin login page click on bottom bitnomi icon and you will be directly redirected to phpmyadmin dashboard

If you have any problem or any query feel free to asked on comment box. I am here to your reply.

Thanks for the reading❤️

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